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Restaurants are among those most challenged by the Corona crisis. Brdr. Krüger’s new #ChefSupport initiative creates immediate support for local restaurants.

We call on you to generate support -and enjoy a good meal when in Denmark.

We will return 30% of your purchase here at brdr-kruger.com back to you as a voucher to restaurants that have paved the way for influential food culture in Denmark, including Michelin-starred Noma, Relæ and Alouette.

Learn how below.

Shared values

“As furniture makers we find shared values with the passionate makers who, with their craft and vision, have placed Denmark on that world map as a culinary destination. Independent restaurants are among those who are particularly challenged right now, while we (knock-on-wood) are fortunately not as severely affected yet, and we have the capacity to help. It’s about community spirit and trying to help wherever we can. “
-Julie Krüger, co-owner of Brdr. Krüger

Immediate support.

Brdr. Krüger has previously developed furniture for leading restaurants, such as the ARV Chair for world-renowned noma, as well as for Inua in Tokyo and Kadeau in Copenhagen. The latter recently went bankrupt with the Corona crisis as the tongue on the scales.
Due. the critical situation, we transfer the money to the restaurant immediately after purchase, which means: Now, when it is most needed. The time of the gift card redemption is arranged in dialogue between the customer and the chosen restaurant.

Supporting those paving the way.

“It is a life-threatening situation for Danish gastronomy. We believe it is important that the pioneers who have helped to develop Denmark into one of the world’s leading gastronomy destinations must survive. It will benefit more if they can continue as changemakers and strengthen local food culture to a wider international audience.”
-Jonas Krüger, co-owner and Creative Director.

Reaching out with MAD

Brdr. Krüger has partnered with the non-profit organization MAD, which facilitates the outreach to restaurants of their network in Denmark. The MAD concept is about supporting the hospitality community for positive change.

Melina Shannon-DiPietro, Executive Director at MAD says: “In facing COVID-19, our colleagues and friends in the restaurant industry continue to inspire us, as they act with resilience and generosity and find new ways to serve their communities. Brdr. Krüger is also acting with a spirit of community: they are stepping up with a smart new idea to support restaurants here in Denmark in this time of unprecedented challenges. We appreciate their good thinking and partnership.”

What do I do?
-Here’s a guide:

Your purchase generates support.
Your online purchase here at brdr-kruger.com triggers a 30% off gift card for a Danish restaurant.
No hocus-pocus. Real support that benefits both you and the restaurant. The amount will be visible in the process at the “proceed to checkout” stage.

Choose a restaurant.
During the process, you choose from a list of participating restaurants, the place where you want your personalized gift card to be redeemed.
You can either choose from a drop-down list or by typing the restaurant’s name in the note box. Only names from the above list are valid.

Instant transfer.
As soon as Brdr. Krüger receives your payment, 30% is transferred to the restaurant, which means; now when it is needed most.
The restaurant will also receive your contact information and order number so that they can send you a written confirmation.

Table reservation.
Table reservation can now be arranged directly between you and the restaurant. Inform the restaurant well in advance of your arrival.

When settling the bill.
The value of your gift card will be deducted from the total. Bon appetite!

Terms and conditions.
The gift card cannot be paid out in cash, neither in full nor partly.
Brdr. Krüger’s normal trading conditions apply to furniture, while the gift card imposes the trading conditions of the chosen restaurant.
Brdr. Krügers cannot be held responsible for usage of the gift card, complaints or returns, and refers to dialogue with the restaurant. Also, if the restaurant closes before the gift card is redeemed, Brdr. Krüger cannot be held responsible.

Do you need help?
Please write us an e-mail at info@brdr-kruger.dk or call on weekdays between 10.00 and 16.00. on phone 39 56 15 55.

Hope the initiative will spread.

Brdr. Krüger are hoping that others, inside or outside of the design industry, will be inspired to support the initiative, so that this hopefully can grow in scale and support, with more funding for more restaurants.