The essence of the Danish Golden age of design is rejuvenated, strengthened and refined in Hans Bølling’s new range, consisting of a lounge chair, stool and coffee table. These pieces were designed in partnership with the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), using and reimagining red oakwood, cherry wood and maple wood to provide unique hues, tones and depth that harness the beauty of the natural world.

In these latest designs, the passion and care for sustainable wood has taken an even greater relevance as American hardwoods have been used to provide a more sustainable choice than high-demand white European oak.

For over 30 years AHEC has been at the forefront of wood promotion in Europe, successfully building a distinctive and creative brand for US hardwoods.

HB Lounge Chair

Inspired in style by the iconic tray-table, Bølling’s first lounge chair infuses his characteristic creative spirit into a minimalist design.

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HB Coffee Table

The HB Coffee Table uses smooth lines and simplicity to create a refined and modern piece.

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HB Stool

The stool melds an elegant curved composition with architectural lines and intricate details, resulting in a piece resemblant of enduring human connection.

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Hans Bølling has now worked closely with three generations of the Brdr. Krüger family-run company to create products that can be passed down through the generations.