Aniline Leather

We use the SAVANNE® and SPECTRUM Semi Aniline collections as a standard from the Danish lather producer Sørensen Leather. These collections feature a subtle texture, and their appearance remains consistent due to a gentle surface finish. This finish not only enhances the leather’s aesthetics but also provides protection against dirt, stains, and fading caused by exposure to light and also prolonging its longevity.

Daily Cleaning

Wipe down with a soft, dry cloth. In case of light stains, use a soft cloth, tightly wrung in water, which has been boiled and then cooled to room temperature.It will be preferable to leave light stains to simply be absorbed into the naturally developing patina (e.g. stains from a pen). If liquids are spilt, immediately wipe the entire surface with a soft cloth, tightly wrung in cold water.

General Maintenance

Soap flakes are a great alternative and are easier to dissolve in water. Use 1/2 dl of soap flakes to a liter of hot water. Whip the soap flakes into the water. Apply the foam all over the leather with a soft cloth. Once the leather has dried down, you can wipe with a soft, dry cotton cloth.

Important: Avoid placing leather in direct sunlight exposure, since this can cause dryness and crackling. Avoid cleaning agents and sharp objects.