Lacquered Wood

Lacquer is slightly more sensitive than varnish, but it sustains a beautiful patina that means small scratches are not visible to the naked eye. Lacquer provides an honest and natural sense of the material.

Daily Cleaning

Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the surface in the direction of the wood grains. A dedicated cleaning agent should only be used when removing stains. If the entire piece of furniture needs to be cleaned, then use a soft cloth that has been wrung in lukewarm water containing an all-purpose cleaning agent. It’s important to ensure you use a mild cleaning agent without sanding qualities, as this could damage the surface.

General Maintenance

Lacquered furniture requires minimal maintenance. If small cracks occur in the lacquer, they can be mended with lacquer. Discolorations cannot be restored with cleaning agents, but require the assistance of a professional.

Important: Ensure surfaces are always kept dry and avoid leaving liquids on them.