Laminate is a highly durable material which requires minimal maintenance. It should be cleaned regularly, but no special treatment is required. However, it will discolor if surfaces are left unattended after spills from juice, colorful drinks, or harsh chemicals.

Daily Cleaning

Wipe it down with a damp cloth that has been wrung in warm water. For harsh stains that do not disappear with regular cleaning, use a melamine sponge which is either dry or slightly moistened.

General Maintenance

Wipe the surface daily with a hard-wrung cloth in lukewarm water, or water containing a mild all-purpose cleaning agent, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Any liquid spills that have staining potentials, such as red wine or coffee, must be wiped immediately to avoid discolorations. Remove tough stains or dirt by adding more cleaning agents and using a soft sponge, then finishing with a dry cloth.

Important: Avoid rubbing the surface too harshly. Instead, dab it with a cloth. Avoid excessive wetting and harsh abrasion, since they can ruin the fabric. Cleaning textile surfaces and fabrics regularly can also loosen the fibers over time.