Linen Webbing

Linen webbing is made from quality flax and comes in two colors: natural and black. As an alternative to traditional upholstery, it is a light and breathable material that provides support and comfort.

Daily Cleaning

Furniture webbing can suffer from wear and tear, which is why regular vacuum cleaning is recommended. Any stains should be managed immediately. </p

General Maintenance

Thick stains must be scraped off with a spatula or knife before any further action is taken. Vacuum-clean dry stains to remove any loose particles. Clean liquid skills with a napkin or dry cloth Remove non-greasy stains by dabbing from the edges to the middle of the stain, with a lint-free cloth or a sponge that has been wrung in hot water.

Important: Avoid rubbing the surface too harsh. Instead, dab with a cloth. Avoid excessive wetting and harsh abrasion, since it can ruin the fabric. Cleaning textile surface and fabrics regularly can also loosen the fibres over time.