Paper Cord

Paper cord is a natural material that requires minimal maintenance and which will develop an attractive patina over time. It is durable, comfortable, and long-lasting, however it can be replaced or repaired by a profes- sional if required.

Daily Cleaning

Any dust can be removed by vacuum-cleaning gently with a soft mouthpiece at medium suction. Wet stains should be removed immediately and any liquid spills soaked up with a soft cloth or paper towel.

General Maintenance

Paper cord is a naturally resistant material which should last for many years. If necessary, it can be replaced or repaired by a skilled weaver. Discolouration of natural cord may occur as a result of contact with deeply coloured textiles, although this can be avoided by using a cushion on the sea. As a natural material, the paper cord will naturally patinate over time. If stains or spills occur, avoid using any chemicals containing detergent and lightly dab stained areas with a tightly wrung soft cloth.

Important: Never use washing-up liquid on paper cord.