Textile Fabric

Fabric and textile furniture requires regular clearing in order to protect the fibres in the material. Even when it appears clean, regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the quality as fibres often collect dirt and stain particles below the surface level.

Daily Cleaning

We recommend frequent vacuuming to draw out loose dust from the surface. Spills and stains should be removed as soon as they occur, and extraction cleaning should be considered if the stains are significant.

General Maintenance

For stain removal, first soak up any liquid with a dry cloth, then use a sponge or cloth with clean water to remove the remaining stains.

Important: Avoid over saturating the fabric – if you wish to avoid leaving any marks on it, you should dab the cloth gently in circular motions towards the centre of the stain as rubbing into the textile fabric can damage the material. Make sure you let the fabric dry out fully after cleaning before using it again. We advise you to contact a professional dry cleaner. Remember to state in advance whether the fabric has undergone any treatments, so they can avoid causing any further damage.