The F chair is a contemporary shaker chair based on the virtues of traditional craft. It carries on the folksy simplicity and honesty of the archetypical shaker chair, but with a modern comfort and a clean- cut, geometrical and minimalistic appearance.

The characteristic seat weaving pattern, is a fusion of American and Danish traditions, taken forward with colorful polyester bands, and complementary monochrome wood treatments.

Rasmus Bækkel Fex

“Together we have reinterpreted the design of the shaker chair, balancing tradition and modernity, and turning a conceptual artwork into a comfortable, usable chair. The F chair is a celebration of old crafts.”

More about Rasmus B. Fex here

The use of polyester showcases the subtle beauty of the industrial material, while the webbed seat changes character as it reflects the surrounding light.

Additionally F Chair is also available in classic Danish paper cord. Traditional webbing changes the impression of the chair.

F Chair is a modern ascetic take on tradition and wooden craftsmanship.

F Chair was chosen in natural wood for Iluka restaurant , to accompany the charming simplicity of the place and to create a seductive atmosphere.

Green F-chair with armrest were custom made for the restaurant at Hotel Ottilia in Carlsberg city.