Modern Makers

Event: 3DaysOfDesign
Location: Bredgade 28B, Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2023

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At 3DaysOfDesign, Modern Makers showcased a living craftsman workshop where the essence of Danish heritage craft met new, original design. The air was infused with the aroma of natural wood, the rhythmic symphony of weaving and shaping, and the mastery of craftsmen. Attendees felt the tactile allure of meticulously carved wood beneath their fingers.

Expert craftsmen skillfully applied centuries-old techniques to craft original designs of our time, and architect Hans Bølling revealed an exclusive spinning tops design that attendees took home as unique souvenirs.

Guests discovered the rich history of Brdr. Krüger, founded by brothers Ferdinand and Theodor in 1886. Five generations later, the workshop outside Copenhagen remained the cradle of craftsmanship, where raw wood was transformed by skilled artisans into elegant, ageless pieces.

Exploring the union of traditional craftsmanship with modern design, Brdr. Krüger continued to collaborate with the most innovative designers of the era. Danish cultural heritage evolved, offering original and timeless quality in every piece, ensuring a legacy for generations to come.

Attendees engaged in an insightful discussion on Danish craftsmanship, hosted by the Director of Designmuseum Danmark, Anne-Louise Sommer, and the Head of Design at OEO Studio, Thomas Lykke. Moderated by Politiken’s Design Editor, Lars Hedebo, the conversation delved into the cultural significance of Danish Modernist design and its past, present, and future roles in shaping generations.

Additionally, at the event, a new Arkade Chair was unveiled, commemorating the 100th anniversary since the birth of the renowned architect and designer, Nanna Ditzel. This chair stands as a tribute to her bold design legacy, which has always been courageous and expressive, mirroring her colorful personality and refusal to adhere to conventional expectations.

The Arkade Chair Anniversary Edition is a tribute to Ditzel’s playful style and design courage. It is offered in a unique combination of white-oiled solid oak, supported by a frame in chrome, with a back of leather and a seat of sheepskin. Every chair is mounted with an engraved plate containing Ditzel’s signature as a certificate of authenticity, which is discretely placed under the seat.

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Event: 3DaysOfDesign
Photography: Michael Rygaard

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