Craft & Design Gallery

Interior Design: OEO Studio
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2022
Furniture: Brdr. Krüger Collection

Driven by the desire to make furniture and lighting of the highest quality, Anour and Brdr. Krüger opened the new collaborative Craft & Design Gallery where you’ll find handcrafted interior and lighting, first-class materials and expertise straight from the source in Copenhagen.

The Craft & Design Gallery space was created for all the design enthusiasts to get inspired, play with the materials, and find the perfect interior elements. The experts from both ends are on hand to advise and guide throughout this interactive and stimulating design process.

The location was previously hosting an art gallery, though it has now undergone a significant transformation. To realize the direction, the brands turned to the renowned Copenhagen-based design studio, OEO Studio.

The space has been opened to create one long continuous room stretching from the street in. A deep palette of warm gray tones graduating the further you enter the space is complemented by a dark warm toned wooden floor continuing throughout the room.

“Design-driven manufacturers are a rare breed these days, and we want to translate the experience of living and working with well-crafted useful design, in a modern context. We want to offer visitors, both private and professionals, a close encounter with the unique pieces and personal dialogue with our experts, on the many aspects and stories of our craft and design.”

Jonas Krüger, Design Director of Brdr. Krüger.

Credits: OEO Studio & ANOUR
Photography: Michael Rygaard.

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