Hija de Sanchez

Interior Design: OEO Studio
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2020
Furniture: Pauline Bar Stool

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Internationally acclaimed chef Rosio Sánchez opens a striking Mexican restaurant in Copenhagen, and OEO Studio designed the place with Pauline Bar Stool front and centre.

The project is the brainchild of former Noma chef Rosio Sanchez, who already has one restaurant in the city – the Hija de Sanchez Taqueria in Kødbyen. The idea was to expand the concept, moving up from tacos and cocktails to a full restaurant menu, but without losing the casual dining experience that made the taqueria so popular.

To achieve this, OEO Studio founders Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann decided to divide the space up into a mix of zones. Colours are used to pick out different elements throughout the space. In the lobby area, bright blue walls create a bold contrast with the vivid tones of hanging wall rug. Shades of grey help to soften the impact of the colour. As well as the exposed concrete structure of the building, OEO Studio introduced charcoal-coloured bricks and grey countertops.

“Mexico is full of vibrant colours and Mexicans are not afraid of using them in exteriors and interiors – in sharp contrast to the Scandinavian architectural and design culture that is our background. In the design process, we were very inspired by Mexican architects such as Luis Barragán and by Mexican art, craft and design. Our concept was to create a space that gives you the flavours of Mexico, in Copenhagen.”

Thomas Lykke, OEO Studio co-founder.

Pauline is designed for versatility. Each component of the chair is optional and designed from modular thinking, offering a wider spectrum of usage.


Credits: OEO Studio
Photography: Michael Rygaard.

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