Bølling Tray Table Limited Edition

Collaboration: Designmuseum Danmark, OEO Studio & Hans Bølling
Collection: Bølling Tray Table Limited Edition
Year: 2022

Brdr. Krüger presented an exclusive collector’s item in collaboration with Designmuseum Danmark and Hans Bølling. The iconic and well-loved tray table from 1963 was made available in Design Museum Danmark’s signature blue color, in a limited edition run of 500 pieces. Each table was mounted with a brass plate that contained Hans Bølling’s signature and had the individual piece number engraved as a certificate of authenticity.

The hand-selected indigo blue, a recurrent color throughout the museum, was first displayed in the historic sandstone portal at the front door dating from 1757. This unique hue continued to be a central part of the museum’s identity and interior.

Award-winning architects OEO Studio renovated and refurbished the museum in 2022, including the special blue tray table as a permanent part of the interior in areas such as the café, library, and lounge.

“I have been coming to the museum myself since I was young and have always appreciated it for its important role in our Danish cultural history, meaning I am enormously proud and honoured that my design is now a living part of this institution.”

Hans Bølling

As a vital part of Danish modernist design heritage, the tray table, originally from 1963, had only grown in popularity. With its simplicity, ease of use, and sculptural qualities, it continued to be relevant to changing times and appeal across new generations.


Created as a flat pack, the Bølling tray-table was future-facing and modern for its time. The small, flat box contains a handle, providing the ideal means for it to be taken home from the museum shop or Brdr. Krüger. There are no tools or knowledge required to unfold the table and place the trays on it, making it user-friendly, high-quality design. All tables are manufactured in Brdr. Krüger’s family-owned workshop in Værløse, Denmark.

Credits: Designmuseum Danmark & OEO Studio
Furniture: Bølling Tray Table Limited Edition
Photography: Michael Rygaard & Christian Hoyer

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