Noma Restaurant

Head chef and founder of noma, René Redzepi, commissioned Studio David Thulstrup to design a home for noma and series of furniture pieces. David worked with Brdr. Krüger to create a new furniture collection to complement the spirit of noma space.

ARV Chair

The ARV Chair is classic yet contemporary in aesthetic, with a timeless quality. It draws on iconic traditional Danish design yet has the the spirit of a new generation.

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ARV Table

The ARV Table is defined by its slender, smooth tabletop; truly highlighting the beauty and versatility of natural materials in design.

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Karm Sofa

Made from specially selected thick and characteristic large oak planks, the sofa’s nostalgic design evokes a sense of honesty and simplicity.

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For chef and co-owner René Redzepi the most important consideration was to have a sense of place and for everything to feel handmade. The overall mood is Scandinavian without any Nordic cliches, honest, simple, and not over-designed.

“Everything is carefully selected, curated or designed and nothing screams more than the other. The whole thing has this sense of coherence and a very 360 degrees holistic approach,” says David Thulstrup.

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