Nordiska Kök Showroom

Bespoke kitchen producer Nordiska Kök has opening a new Concept Showroom to give customers an opportunity to experience their kitchens in real life.

Located in Stockholm, the showroom presents a range of kitchens designed by Nordiska Kök and styled by renowned Danish stylist Marie Graunbøl. Photography by Andrea Papini

The refined new version of F Chair in fumed oak and natural linen nurture the Nordic aesthetic with timeless materials.

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“We want to invite our customers to our world. They should be able to take the step from Instagram straight into our Concept showroom and experience the same feeling of inspiration that we offer in our social channels”, says Johan Lundkvist, founder and Creative Director of Nordiska Kök.

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The Nordic design kitchen

Nordiska Kök create a bespoke kitchen for a beautiful apartment in Stockholm. The soft color in gray breaks off nicely against the light marble worktop with Pauline Bar Stool under it.

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With its slim silhouette and distinct personality, the Pauline Bar Stool is a sophisticated furniture design that reflects the spirit of the mid-century Danish Modern movement and unites craft, core values, and design.

The Rustic Elegance Kitchen

Arv Chair with Danish paper cord in a kitchen that seamlessly blends the old-world charm with the inviting rustic aesthetic, all with a timeless and Scandinavian touch.

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