The Home of Hans Bølling

Introducing The Home of Hans Bølling: an exhibition in homage to one of the Danish Modern era’s greatest designers. The exhibition recreates Bølling’s home, living room, and study, presenting a collection of memorabilia and sketches that explore his iconic spirit, curiosity and creativity.

Now in his 90s, Hans Bølling has been developing the three pieces at his home north of Copenhagen over several years, refining the designs through a series of sketches and models until achieving the final product.

The exhibition featured a lounge chair alongside two other new Bølling designs – a stool and a coffee table, both inspired by his classic Tray Table design from 1963. The three furniture pieces have been crafted from three under-used American hardwood species, selected for their combination of sustainability, durability, and textured beauty: red oak, cherry, and maple.

HB Collection

Hans Bølling’s new range consists of a lounge chair, stool and coffee table, which continue his iconic design line of powerful modern simplicity with honest and playful twists.

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HB Lounge Chair

Inspired in style by the iconic tray-table, Bølling’s first lounge chair infuses his characteristic creative spirit into a minimalist design.

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HB Coffee Table

The HB Coffee Table uses smooth lines and simplicity to create a refined and modern piece.

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HB Stool

The stool melds an elegant curved composition with architectural lines and intricate details, resulting in a piece resemblant of enduring human connection.

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“I am extremely proud to be able to present three new pieces of furniture that I feel represent my work. I want to convey pure architectural lines and details in my design, which together create human connections and a breeding ground for joy and good living.”
– Hans Bølling

The exhibition is curated by architect and artist Sara Martinsen, who shares Bølling’s passion for natural materials and focuses on the human connection to these.

The furniture is created in collaboration with AHEC, from sustainable American hardwood which places redwood, cherry and maple in an inspiring new context and showcases their natural hues and characteristics.