Villa Gug

Architects: Bjarke Ingels Group
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Year: 2022
Furniture: Arv Collection

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In Villa Gug, located in its namesake city Gug in Northern Denmark, the clients’ passion for cars plays a major role in the family’s life, taking up a significant portion of the housing area. Instead of hiding the cars away in a basement, or a large garage, Bjarke Ingels Group designed a house that smoothly transitions from the car to the home.

Designed by the visionary minds at BIG, the linear building curves in a loop around the top of the hill framing a central courtyard for the family’s private affairs. The building’s character gradually changes from an introverted garage and showroom at the driveway, to the more open functional spaces, including the kitchen, living room, and terrace on the top of the building.

The cars are protected from the outside, but visible across the garden from the living spaces and bedrooms. The spiral courtvard creates a balance between private living and public location, while the continuous ascent effects a gradual transition between parking and living.

Arv Collection

The award-winning Arv Collection graces the main dining room and kitchen space with a touch of timeless elegance, seamlessly blending style with functionality, providing an optimal seating experience through delicate and precise joinery.


“Designing a home for a family is like painting a portrait. A portrait’s success lies not only in the artists’ ability to express themselves – but rather in their ability to capture the expressions, character, personality, or even the soul of those being portrayed. As an architectural portrait, the home is about creating a framework for interests and needs, wishes and dreams, requirements and criteria – in short – the life the family wants to live.”

Bjarke Ingels, BIG Founder & Creative Director.

With Villa Gug, BIG has reprogrammed the standard house as we know it by basing the design on the clients’ passion, creating a type of housing that is tailored to the residents of this specific household. In terms of architecture as portraiture, Villa Gug is a pure manifestation of a house shaped by the desires of its inhabitants.

Credits: BIG
Furniture: Arv Chair
Photography: Michael Rygaard, Pernille Loof and Thomas Loof

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