The ARV chair is classic yet contemporary in aesthetic, with a timeless quality. It draws on iconic traditional Danish design yet has the the spirit of a new generation.

David Thulstrup designed a series of furniture pieces for the new home of noma restaurant in Copenhagen and we created ARV collection to complement the spirit of the space.

The conceptual design feature is a ‘branch’ formation that organically connects the different parts – like branches growing from a tree trunk.

A slender armrest gives it a casual elegance.

ARV Chair is crafted from solid wood and features a hand-woven seat and back rest in natural paper cord.

A new upholstered option is added to the ARV collection, offering alternative comfort, character and feel.

David Thulstrup

“We were delighted to work with a native design brand on this special project for noma. Despite the short timeframe and complex design, Brdr. Krüger put all their strengths and efforts into making the ARV pieces and our vision for the designs possible.”

More about David Thulstrup here

Beneath the chair’s seemingly simple aesthetic lies a multitude of complex design details that push the conventional limits of craftsmanship.