In 1963, Danish architect Hans Bølling designed the simple, elegant and mobile table, which was easy to handle. Since then, it has become a symbol of the playful functionalism of the golden Danish Modern era – and a design idea that is still relevant today. A Danish classic.

7 new colourways

The colours are selected for their tone-in-tone harmony and soft contrast, and to match the natural hues of the wood frame.

Each colourway comes in a separate tray of two different colours- one on each side.

The Bølling Tray Table holds two loose reversible trays, and each of them can be turned over for colour variation and a personal touch.

Influenced by time

The colours are carefully selected in collaboration with Hans Bølling. Classic natural colours are complimented with new inspiring tones. A synergy of timelessness and contemporary spirit.

More about Hans Bølling here


The reversible tray named Earth, consist of two matching colours; Beige and Dark Brown.
The beige side of Earth is a monochrome match with the natural shades of the oakwood frame.


The dark side of the Earth tray is a Chocolate Brown. It is a perfect modern, monochrome match with the natural hues of fumed oak or walnut.


Warm ochre in soft contrast by by light ivory.


Burnt orange with cognac flawor, complimented with classic black.


Deep navy blue in soft contrast with dusky blue.


Deep navy blue in soft contrast with dusky blue.


Dusty olive green with deeper moss green.


Two attuned shades of warm grey.


Classic black and white, descretely adjusted.

Made in Denmark

Bølling Tray Tables proudly and carefully made in our workshop by experienced and talented carpenters.

Bølling Tray Table is practical and easy to store. The two reversible trays, of high-pressure laminate plates, can be turned for colour variation. Wooden H-frame can easily be folded without the use of tools.


We believe that well-made durable furniture of timeless design from natural certified materials has the potential for a long lifetime.

The Bølling Tray Table is available in two different dimensions, and serves a variety of practical, mobile and aesthetic purposes. Can be used in many ways – as a serving trolley, bar cart, bedside or side table…