A family legacy

This cradle has been passed on for generations in the Ditzel family. Each time a baby was born a small label was added to the cradle to celebrate the newcomer.

The Lulu Cradle was originally designed in 1963 by the prominent Danish designer Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) for her children and named after one of her daughters. In 2011 the Lulu Cradle was relaunched by Brdr. Krüger as a part of their 125th anniversary and was produced in a limited edition of 200 numbered pieces, featuring the Brdr. Krüger logo and Nanna Ditzel’s signature as a certificate of authenticity.

Comes with a mattress made of organic, water-resistant material. Perfect for keeping babies comfortable and dry
Nanna Ditzel

Trained as a cabinetmaker, Nanna Ditzel was known for her professionalism, however, she was renowned for her bold experimental style, often characterised by its soft and rounded shapes inspired by nature. Her ability to join high-level craftsmanship with, seemingly effortless, organic shapes, won her numerous design awards.

Three steps forward and two back still means I’ve taken a step in the right direction!

Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) has often been called, ‘The First Lady of Danish Furniture Design’, because there were so few women working as architects and furniture designers at the time. She was without a doubt the most successful female Danish designer in the 20th century.

Limited Edition of 200 pcs. for Brdr. Krüger’s 125th anniversary.