Originally designed in 1958 by Danish architect Hans Bølling, the table’s unique, sculptural appearance is as timeless as it is beautiful.

A striking, twisted oak base, resembling the growing branches of a tree, unites with a sleek glass tabletop, forming an elegant design statement

TRIIIO Tables’ tinted glass and accents of brass give the table a contemporary feel and allow to focus on the leg construction.

By combining a playful wooden leg construction with a floating glass tabletop, the tables manage to establish an almost poetic harmony between the simple and the sculptural; values that are reminiscent of the period when Hans Bølling first sketched the design.

Hans Bølling

“It has been an immense joy to experience a sketch and prototype I made when I was 27 years-old in the hands of the skilled craftsmen; to see them work their magic and witness how simple and elegant amendments have transformed my original sketch into three present-day tables with a timeless quality.”

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The Krüger family has maintained a very close relationship with Bølling for three generations, since the earliest days of his architectural work in the 1950’s. He considers wood a divine material, and the shared passion for wood brought the family and the architect together.