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Bølling Tray Table

In 1963, Danish architect Hans Bølling designed a simple, elegant, and mobile table, which was easy to handle. Since then, it has become a symbol of the playful functionalism of the golden Danish Modern era – and a design idea that is still relevant today. A Danish classic.

Colorful Trays

The Bølling Tray Table holds two loose reversible trays, and each of them can be turned over for colour variation and a personal touch.

Laminate Colours

The colors are selected for their tone-in-tone harmony and soft contrast, and to match the natural hues of the wood frame. Each colorway comes in a separate tray of two different colors – one on each side. Additionally, a veneer variation is available, offering even more versatility and elegance.

Designed by Hans Bølling

Danish architect/designer Hans Bølling enjoys the connection between design, functionality, and fun. Bølling’s work is known for its play, humor, and wit. A passionate spirit whose practice and products are inspired by creative diversity. Discover the timeless craftsmanship of Hans Bølling and explore more about his iconic designs here.

Limited Edition with Designmuseum Danmark

Hans Bølling’s iconic Tray Table is available in a special limited edition of only 500 pieces, made in Designmuseum Danmark’s signature color.

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Product Information

Bølling Tray Table is available in two different sizes: 50Ø and 60Ø, each offering versatility to suit any space. For detailed information including dimensions and materials, read the product sheet here

More Hans Bølling’s Signature Designs

At the age of 91, Hans Bølling introduced the HB Collection, inspired by the iconic Bølling Tray Table, which includes a Lounge Chair, Coffee Table, and Stool. In 1958, he crafted the TRIIIO Table, combining a playful wooden leg construction with a floating glass tabletop.

HB Collection





The Bølling Tray Table serves a variety of practical, mobile, and aesthetic purposes. It can be used in many ways – as a serving trolley, bar cart, bedside, or side table. It is shipped knock-down in a flat pack, reducing its footprint in transportation.

Handmade in Denmark

Bølling Tray Tables proudly and carefully made in our workshop in Denmark by experienced and talented carpenters. We create and evolve classic Danish design values, by embracing modernity.

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Planning a project?

Explore custom options in different wood types and colours. Contact us directly to include Bølling Tray Table in your next project. For sales inquiries please reach out at info@brdr-kruger.dk or go to our contact information.

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