Jari Dining Chair

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The collection, named ‘JARI’ – a Japanese word meaning ‘pebbles’ – draws inspiration from natural beach pebbles that have been slowly rounded by lapping waves over centuries.

The JARI chair is bold yet calm. A voluminous but lean appearance makes it sleek and accommodating.

All-in-one backrest reflects water-shaped stone to offer an embracing and comfortable seating experience seamlessly joined with slender wood-turned legs.

OEO Studio

“Twelve carefully made high-precision component parts come together to form the JARI chair in a unity that can only be achieved in dialogue between the designer and Brdr. Krüger craftspeople”.

More about OeO Studio here

The backrest which gives the chair its unique character is achieved by both modern CNC milling and traditional handicraft shaping and finishing.

The JARI collection was initially developed for INUA, a new restaurant in Tokyo by the team behind the world-renowned Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.