When former Noma and Ramsay chef, Beau Clugston, was to reopen his restaurant in central Copenhagen, he approached Brdr. Krüger. He recognised his own approach to food in the local quality craftsmanship and essential design philosophy in furniture.

F Chair designed by Rasmus Fex, was chosen in natural wood, with a seat in woven black polyester bands, to accompany the charming simplicity of the place, and in a red monochromatic version, to create a seductive atmosphere at all tables.

“My food is about simplicity hidden by a veil of complexity. With that said if the produce isn’t the highest of quality, the simplicity turns to failure”, declares Beau. “This resonates in everything”.

The quality, craftsmanship and complexity of Iluka is hidden by a charming simplicity that might just make this seafood bistro of the future the top-of-the-list place to book.