Garde Hvalsøe

Interior Design: Bunn Studio
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2023
Furniture: Arkade Chair, Pauline Bar Stool, Jari Dining Chair

Garde Hvalsøe, the Danish design brand known for its exquisite craftsmanship in cabinetry and kitchen design, has unveiled a new look showroom in central Copenhagen, by Bunn Studio. The new design has reconfigured the existing space, while repurposing some of the existing elements.

The 400 m2 space is situated within a private courtyard in the København area of Copenhagen. Despite the central location, the courtyard provides a buffer from bustling city life so guests can peacefully submerge themselves into the world of Garde Hvalsøe. The building was originally built as a car factory that later became a photography printing studio. When Garde Hvalsøe moved into the space, it had already been stripped of its original interior and historical details.

Working with this blank canvas has allowed Garde Hvalsøe to conceive its own brand universe and the brief to Bunn Studio was to transform the space into a welcoming showroom with an intentional feel, where clients can experien- ce the breadth of the Garde Hvalsøe product range in a flexible layout.

“Our aspiration for this project was to push the context of the Garde Hvalsøe kitchen by elevating the inspiration behind each style, showcasing the vast array of design options selected by their international clientele. We felt it was important to illustrate the high level of customisation and attention to detail you can expect from Garde Hvalsøe. By taking the current kitchen models and highlighting the craftsmanship and materials involved, which make the kitchens so special.”

Marcus Hannibal, Bunn Studio