Koan Restaurant

Client: Koan Restaurant
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2023
Furniture: Triiio Table and Arkade Chair

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Renowned chef Kristian Baumann, inspired by his deep-rooted connection to South Korea and unveils a culinary masterpiece where Korean traditions dance harmoniously with Nordic ingredients.

At Koan, Baumann’s seven-year journey of exploring South Korea’s culture, history, and culinary heritage unfolds in a serene symphony. His commitment to authenticity and a profound respect for tradition resonates in every dish, reflecting a culinary philosophy where Korean cooking techniques meld seamlessly with the bounties of Nordic seasons.

“For the past seven years, my curiosity about my birth country South Korea has grown stronger and in this connection I have gone on a discovery in the country to learn more about culture, history, people and traditions. It has manifested itself in the fact that my vocation as a chef has risen to a higher level in the form of a sincere calmness. I again have an apprentice’s view of all the impressions I have gained through dinners, ingredients and traditional and complex layers that are in the different Korean cuisines.”

Kristian Baumann

For the wine, Kristian Bauman has collaborated with sommelier Lasse Peder Nielsen, who has put together two different wine menus, one non-alcoholic pairing and a pairing built around Korean Sool, which is a common term for Korean alcohol. To make the restaurant visit a holistic journey, the menu is served in art pieces created by a Korean potter, who have collected pottery fragments from China’s Qing Dynasty and mixed it with new porcelain.

Arkade Chair

Stepping into Koan, you’re greeted by an ambiance carefully crafted to enhance the dining experience. The Arkade Chair, chosen thoughtfully for its design and comfort, adds a touch of elegance to the place, while the surroundings invite you to embark on a gastronomic adventure that transcends borders.


Triiio Table

The Triiio Table graces the space, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing the perfect canvas for Chef Baumann’s culinary creations.


Credits: Koan Restaurant
Furniture: Triiio Table & Arkade Chair
Photography: Michael Rygaard

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